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Jiftip: Stickers To Block A Man's Penis Hole Now Exist, But Sexual Health Experts Disapprove

Emma Soos, managing director for The Women’s Health Clinic , told HuffPost UK the product is “pointless, as it won’t protect against pregnancy or STIs”. “For anyone who thinks this may be a quick fix - it’s not,” she said. “I understand the thinking around it as condoms can take away sensitivity but that is no match for an unwanted pregnancy or infection.” This Is The Perfect Response When Someone Says They Don't Use Condoms Natika Halil, chief executive of the sexual health charity FPA , advised against using the product, saying “there’s no evidence to suggest that this product is safe or effective”. She added that it could also “potentially be very painful”. “As the company themselves say, it isn’t approved to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections – so if you want to avoid either of those, we’d recommend avoiding this product as well,” she told HuffPost UK. “It’s quite concerning that the company implies that sex without condoms isn’t ‘real sex’, as condoms are the only form of contraception that can help prevent sexually transmitted infections.” It’s common for STIs to not have obvious signs and, if left untreated, many of them can permanently damage health. “In men, chlamydia and gonorrhoea can lead to a painful infection in the testicles, and potentially reduce your fertility,” Halil continued. “Although many STIs are easy to treat we’re also finding that common STIs such as gonorrhoea are becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment, so it’s always better to protect yourself in the first place by having safer sex and using condoms.” She advises men to experiment with different kinds of condoms when masturbating - including different shapes and sizes - to discover which type feels best for them. “This helps to make condoms an aid to pleasurable sex without the worry of infections, rather than something which creates awkwardness,” she concluded. When asked about the product’s safety and reliability, a spokesperson for Jiftip told The Mail Online : “There’s really no way to know. When used as directed it’s an alternative to using nothing. Beta trials will help us know more.

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