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Biodegradable Films and Nets for Vegetables

aimplas030718.jpg In particular, these are the elements developed from sugars obtained from watermelon and melon: •             Different types of biodegradable films with a thickness of 23 µm to be used as shrink film for the packaging of cucumbers and the manufacturing of bags for weighing all kinds of agricultural products. •             Biodegradable oriented net for the packaging of different agricultural products, oriented net for garlic and non-oriented net for green beans. On the other hand, from other waste horticultural products such as tomato and pepper, active substances like vitamins, antioxidants and food colourants that have allowed to obtain the following products: •             Single-serving sachets of vinaigrette dressing supplemented with 5% of lyophilized tomato and olive oil supplemented with 1 % of green pepper phenolic extract, obtained by pressurized fluids. Ready-to-blend gazpacho made of lyophilized tomato, pepper and cucumber by-products. It is a powdered preparation to cook gazpacho in situ, ready to mix with water and drink. It maintains all the properties of fresh gazpacho, but with a higher shelf life and vitamin C. •             Meat preparations enriched with an antioxidant capacity of more than 20% with respect to controls due to the incorporation of pepper by-products. •             Tomato and pepper-flavoured flour enriched with an antioxidant capacity that incorporates lyophilized tomato and pepper by-products in its formulation. •             Natural food colourants from lyophilized red pepper by-products as a replacement of artificial food colourants (cochineal (E-120) and carotenes (E-160a)) without differences regarding colour and giving aroma and taste to meat and vegan products.

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Thinking About Real-world [whitening Products] Strategies

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